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An electrified engine for the Corvette 2020?

This week of July 2019 will have been especially marked by the official unveiling of the new Chevrolet Corvette C8 2020, the American sports car that abandons its front engine architecture in favor of a power plant now placed behind the occupants. In addition to all that this change of architecture implies, it is a question asked by the British magazine AutoCAD during the presentation which leaves some hope of seeing this new Corvette C8 possibly be proposed with a hybrid mechanics or even a hybrid system rechargeable. One of the members of the team assigned to the development of the C8 has even responded to the publication that it would not be inappropriate to talk about this type of engine on board the new sports.

In fact, the car has even been designed to accommodate a certain level of electrification on board, which suggests the addition of one or more liveries electrified in a year or two. The addition of one or more electric motors would also change the current configuration of the car that sends all the power to the rear drive wheels, as it should. The integration of electric technology could eventually turn the Corvette into a full-power supercar, a first in the history of the icon. It will be interesting to see if the integration of this technology will affect the weight distribution on board this new Corvette. Also remember that a few years ago, Chevrolet had reserved the name Corvette E-Ray, a name that points directly to an electrified motorization of the flagship car of the brand. Obviously, nothing has been confirmed about the electrification of this Corvette, but say that these statements collected by AutoCAD do nothing to silence this electrifying rumor!

More than 300 horses for the Cadillac XT4-V?

The Cadillac XT4 has been in service for just under a year on our roads. The luxury builder could not resist this mode of small crossovers, the XT4 which came to lend a hand to the most imposing XT5, the category in which fits the smaller of the two which is very popular for some years, it must be outdoor car cover.

However, from the launch, Cadillac was very clear: a version V would eventually be added to the XT4 range, and it seems that engineers are working on its development. According to the Cadillac Society website, the Cadillac XT4-V (or V-Sport) could be equipped with the 2.7-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine recently unveiled under the hood of the Chevrolet Silverado. With an estimated power of 320 horsepower and a maximum torque of 369 lb-ft, the compact utility would have what it takes to compete with the more dynamic models of the segment and that’s without counting the adjustments provided to this tattooed livery of the V.

We can think of a more aggressive braking system, an adjustable suspension with Sport mode and even a less restrictive exhaust system. The nine-speed automatic transmission may remain on the program, with logical reprogramming to accommodate under-the-hood power gain, while all-wheel drive is a requirement onboard such a model. As for the dress of this future XT4 more “spicy”, it may be the image of other models reworked by the wing V of the brand. It is still a little early to know more about this future Cadillac XT4-V and it is possible that this 2.7-liter engine is not retained for the production version of the vehicle. Fortunately, the wait should not be too long, as everything indicates that the official unveiling of this alternative performance model should take place somewhere in 2020.

Turo’s value has exceeded one billion dollars

The US carpool company Turo has just crossed the billion dollar mark thanks to its latest round of financing. Turo, formerly Relay Rides, was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in June 2010. The company offers a car-sharing service by individuals (peer-to-peer) to rent a private car, in short an “Airing” for cars Today, 9 years later, the American company has nearly 400,000 cars to share and a community of more than 10 million guests and guests. In the last two years, it has doubled compared to the previous year. On the other hand, recently launched international markets (United Kingdom and Germany) recorded an 8-fold increase over the previous year. The start-up’s latest fundraising campaign raised $ 250 million from IAC, an Internet media company that has proven itself with growing businesses. The foundation pushes Turo to “surpass the $ 1 billion valuation mark,” according to company CEO Andre Haddad in the blog article published today.

How Turo works

Turo is as simple as searching, booking and driving. First, you go to their website, create a new account and then search for a city, an airport, an address or a hotel to get a list of available cars. Once …

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Army Auctions, Tenders And Government Gross sales MILWEB Classifieds

Army vehicles are used by the armed forces in fairly a giant number. Situation: Rifle is in good working situation, no harm. Stay cool in the course of the public sale, and decide what you need to bid beforehand. Thousands of various kinds of military jeeps are auctioned after certain time period to the final folks particularly in United States of America.\n\nPlease notice: if you choose manual switch, processing your fee and restoring your bidding privileges could take up to 2 enterprise days. three. If the Auctioneer determines that any bid is just not commensurate with the value of the article offered, he may reject the identical and withdraw the merchandise from the public sale.\n\nWhilst controversy churns over the Pentagon’s switch of military gear to native civilian police departments, the Protection Logistics Agency (DLA) despatched the primary batch to auction through IronPlanet’s Since bidding began at $10,000 a few weeks ago, pent up demand has yielded bids on nearly all the Humvees — selling for off-street use solely.\n\nOne of many first things that it’s best to do is to visit a number of auction sites and search for your most well-liked automobile brand, sort, and model; primarily based on your funds, need, and different preferences. In case you are unable to securely choose up and take away your objects through the removing occasions that have been scheduled for this sale, PLEASE DON’T BID.\n\nJust visit a major search engine and search for “discover seized vehicles”. Sometimes these items are auctioned off via dwell or on-line auctions. For instance, if the US Army has warehouse full of Hummers that they only aren’t using anymore, they may ship them off to the auction block.…

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3 Factors You Need To Consider While Choosing Right Luxury Rental Company in Dubai

Luxury car rentals are in great demand in dubai for quite a time now. A rich city where rich elites love to drive expensive luxury cars to keep their status, luxury car rentals companies are making layman dream true. It is very easy to book luxury cars at inexpensive rates without any hassle. The process is very simple and straight forward and in a few hours, you will on the roads.

If you are looking for a luxury car rental dubai company then this guide will help you make the right decision. There are lots of car rental companies in dubai who have the latest car models in their fleet. Rental rates and the process differs from company to company so before booking ask all the information regarding renting. When it comes to choosing the right car rental company one should choose something that suits their needs. If you a high budget then you can go for ferrari or lamborghini, in other cases there are low budget cars from brands like toyota, Suzuki, nissan, hyundai and kia motors. Here are some factors that you should take into consideration once you are going to book a car.

Excellent Customer Support

Human interaction is the best to test the service of a company. If you find out that car rental operators are rude and unresponsive then it is not a great idea to choose that company. Before booking, you should ask these below mentioned questions from customer support.

  • Which time you can come to pick the car?
  • Can they deliver to your place?
  • What are the charges of late return?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • What are my coverage options?
  • Is the car in good condition?
  • What about travel insurance, if you haven’t a one?

These are some of the important you should ask before finalizing the booking process. You will not get proper answers through an automated system and the internet, so it is better to pick up the phone and ask the company representative.

Look For Convenience

Convenience is a great way to start the process of renting, As there are so many companies that offer car rental services.  So choose a company that makes the car renting experience as smooth as possible. Saving time is the key and sometimes people have to book cars on an urgent basis so look for a company which is more easy to access.

Advance Booking is a great facility that encourages clients to use your services more often. Many car rental companies offer huge discounts on advance booking so if you want to save money on rentals better to book in advance. If a rental company sends the car to your place instead of you picking it up will be a great favor. If a company offers deals on weekends, it will be a great option for travelers. As you know in dubai, mostly people go outside on weekends and get a great deal on the weekend is like a treat. For example, if I want to rent a ferrari in dubai on weekends and i got the deal i will become crazy as ferrari is my dream car. So all is all any company offers convenience, you should choose it.

Customer First High Quality Service

Some car rental services provider will try to cheat the client by not telling them all the required details about the renting process. Sometimes we also see they don’t fill the commitment and give you the car which is different than you have selected. But some companies believe in the philosophy that customer is king and try to make life easier for them. They give value to their customers so that they can build long term relationships. A reputed company will try to meet the expectation of the client by providing them what they commit. If the company offers fair rates and good car condition then why not client come again and again.

Final Thoughts

Duba is a city where dream comes true so if you want to ride expensive cars then no need to worry at a minimal price you can rent luxury cars here. You can even rent lamborghini dubai by paying 3k to 5k AED a day. Most luxury car rental companies try to help the client in the whole booking process. You should choose the company which meets the above mentioned criteria. Happy Renting!

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Things You Should Know About Blood Drug Test

One of the biggest problems that are affecting the world we live today is the high number of individuals that are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

At the same time, the number increases as time goes by and that could affect people that are around us, productivity at working places, causes safety issues and kills young individuals that are doing everything to maintain the addiction.

Testing is mandatory for determining whether someone is an addict or not. However, everyone can pass a drug test using information online, and that is something that creates havoc for both employers and parents.

Are Drugs Creating Problem to Society?

The debates are all around us in which we should legalize specific drugs so that we can control the usage and reduce the possibility of younglings to consume them on the black market. The cannabis is almost federally legal, and that is a fact you have to remember.

Even though marijuana can help you handle specific disorders and diseases when these substances fall into the wrong hands, the abuse may happen, and that will lead to severe issues along the way.

Of course, no one has died from cannabis consumption, but when you start overdoing it, that may affect your everyday life and reduce the motivation and other things that may help you along the way.

The problem lies in the idea that that prescription drugs became popular as well, and doctors are prescribing them for numerous conditions.

These medications can also lead to severe addictiveness, withdrawal symptoms, and in some cases, people start to consume illegal drugs because they cannot find legal alternatives that they are used to.

Workplace Drug Testing

According to federal laws, most states will enable to employers the ability to test their employees and job applicants, but they have to follow specific guidelines and procedures that will reduce the possibility of affecting privacy, create inaccurate sampling and prevent discrimination.

Both employees and job applicants need to know:

  • They have to be aware of the idea that they have to undergo a drug test before they are hired or before promotion.
  • The employer has to test everyone by using the same procedure and method.
  • The employer can decline the job applicant that failed a drug screening.
  • Every single test must be conducted in CLIA (check their official website: certified laboratory.

If you wish to test current employees, you should remember that you have to focus on individuals that are under reasonable suspicion that their productivity was affected by current or past intoxication.

Employers can conduct these tests in cases of workplace injury or accident, only in a situation in which they believe that drug consumption leads to a problem and havoc.

Reasons Why Blood Testing Is Not Popular and Common

The procedure of blood testing is standard for most people because it involves extracting blood from a vein with an idea to detect the consumption of drugs that may affect productivity and cause other issues as well.

When compared with other screening types, you should have in mind that blood screening could detect the active compound of drug that you consumed, unlike other tests that may detect only byproducts and metabolites.

At the same time, blood testing features a short detection period, so for some drugs, you will not be able to detect them after a few hours of consumption. When compared with other types, it is one of the most accurate types of test in case you do it within the detection window.

In case that test is positive, you will not be able to challenge the accuracy because the results are showing everything you have inside your bloodstream. Administrators will detect the presence of any substance almost instantly, but it is not common due to these reasons:

  • It is invasive which may affect the convenience of your employees and job applicants
  • It is one of the most expensive types of screening. We have mentioned above that urinalysis is the least costly, which is the main reason for its popularity.
  • It requires trained administrators as well as specialized equipment to handle everything safely.
  • Labs require a few days so that you can get the result, which is not the case with other methods.

When Should You Conduct Blood Testing?

When it comes to this particular type of drug screening, you should have in mind that in specific situations, it is mandatory:

  • Insurance companies tend to require this particular testing method in the case you apply for some liability in case of injury or to get an insurance policy.
  • An employer can also require you to submit a drug test before hiring process or promotion.
  • Court cases require blood drug tests so that they can prove whether you were under the influence in some specific situation, especially if
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Top 5 Ways To Get A Good Deal On A Automotive

There are numerous things that you are able to do to just be sure you get the perfect deal when searching for automobile insurance coverage. This gives you the time you need to find the automotive you need. Not only that, however I obtained exactly the automobile I wanted within the shade I wanted for the value I wanted. Inform them the make and mannequin you need of your want lease automobile, wait for his or her quotes and start your comparability of all the obtainable lease offers you get from the dealers.\n\nMost insurance firms tack on a comfort cost for splitting your premium into monthly payments. “They will do whatever it takes to maneuver them” into the fingers of patrons. Pick the dealership that provides the most aggressive provide and start the negotiating the phrases of the Lease Deal.\n\nIf a client visits a dealership after seeing a automotive advertised for a certain value, he or she could have a fact-in-promoting claim, Schlanger stated. When the vendor gives you the mortgage and is very happy with the deal, it solely means that the loan has been processed in his greatest interest and not yours.\n\nYour information can be passed to a number of local sellers and they’re going to contact you to arrange a visit to the dealerships. Good dealers know this. As such, you may as well hear of auctions termed as a authorities car public sale or seized car auctions. Third celebration solely is the very least expensive form of car insurance which you can take out.\n\nKnow the automotive and the prices better than the salesperson does. They might additionally tack on further prices like insurance, all in the identify of getting good financing for the patron. Is your #1 supply for getting a top quality pre-owned automobile with lower than perfect credit score.\n\nLikely, after informing the insurance coverage firm you are taking your car to one among their “authorized” distributors. There are totally different places one can look for auto components comparable to local specialty shops, on-line shops or auto components auctions, and last but not least junk or salvage yards.…