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How to Ensure Safety When Using a Taxi

Using cabs for traveling involves trusting someone else who is a total stranger with your safety and it is necessary to make sure that the taxi you are using is from a trusted company. Taxi vehicles are convenient to use since they offer round the clock services like the taxi cab Lakewood CO, they have professional drivers and they save time since you don’t waste your time looking for a means of transport. They find you exactly where you asked them to find you. However, not all taxi companies or drivers are perfect. The following safety tips come in handy when using cabs to travel.

Check for a radio, badge, meter and the door handle

All legit taxi vehicles are usually installed with a radio which is used for picking calls from the dispatcher and a meter for showing the charges. Every driver should also have a badge which confirms that the taxi is licensed and genuine. Checking whether the inner door handle is working before settling gives you confidence that the taxi you are using is genuine. Kidnappers use this technique (faulty door handles) in their filthy work.

Calling for a taxi you trust

It is safer to use a taxi you trust than hailing any taxi in the streets. When you call a taxi make sure you ask for the taxi number so that you can be certain you are using the right vehicle to avoid using scam vehicles where their goal is to steal something you are having that they spotted from afar. Make sure the vehicle’s number and the company’s name are visible on the taxi before you get in.

Don’t take a taxi alone when drunk

When drunk it is a wise idea to take a taxi home, but not alone. It is difficult to defend yourself from someone the driver calls or the driver himself in a state where you are helplessly drunk or semi-conscious. The driver may take such an opportunity to rob you or charge you unusually high amounts of cash.

Ride with your windows nearly closed or completely closed

This makes sure you are not an easy target for thieves who are very keen to take any opportunity that presents itself. When the taxi makes stops at various places thieves reach in or even open up doors to take your things. Making sure your door is locked is also something not to overlook. These may seem small things to look at but they help a lot.

Be sure of the price and the place you are going

You can check the place you are headed online and ask for the price from the dispatcher to avoid any inconvenience with the driver as you pay or if the driver is headed in the wrong direction. Drivers may know better routes but if you feel uncomfortable with the routes the driver is using, you can place your money in the front seat and leave.

Oh, and something else, you should never take a taxi that has someone else in the passenger’s seat. This industry has its challenges and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure you follow the above tips to avoid being a victim a thing you could have avoided.

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Tips for Great Family Road Trips

Tips for Great Family Road Trips

Do you have time off work for a family vacation but have limited funds?  A road trip is often the perfect solution. Airfares can be very expensive for a large family and will often require the largest portion of the travel budget. One way to ensure a terrific family vacation without breaking the bank is to rent a car for your road trip. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and consider renting a car from the great selection offered by Enterprise. With their terrific service, you can be assured that the vehicle you rent will be in great shape for a road trip. If you’re concerned that your current car wouldn’t withstand a road trip without breaking down, renting a car for your family trip is the way to go.

Whether you’ve decided to head to the mountains or the beach, advanced planning is key to a successful vacation. Consider these tips from the travel professionals as you begin to make plans for your family vacation. Hotel rooms can be small and expensive for a large family. It means eating just about every meal in a restaurant and those tabs can quickly add up. There are many options on the market for private home, townhome and condo rentals from private parties that are more often much more economical than hotel rooms. In addition, you’ll certainly appreciate the space to spread out as well as having a kitchen and nice dining table. Family meal time is where so many family vacation memories are made. Enlist the kids in the shopping and cooking process and not only will it spark their creativity but the sense of empowerment is huge.

Communicate directly with the owner of the private home before sending any funds or deposits. While the overwhelming majority private home owners are trustworthy, the internet invites those with unscrupulous intentions. Exercise caution and follow your instincts and you’ll come out ahead.

Pack plenty of games and activities for the entire family to enjoy together. A week glued to cell phones and videos does not constitute a family vacation. Take advantage of your time together and build memories that will last a lifetime.…

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Tips For Finding The Best Car dealerships

The time has come to buy a new or used vehicle, but the last thing anyone wants to do is go to just any old dealership. When it comes to finding a good car dealer, there are a few tips to keep in mind. When checking out dealerships, you’ll want to do the following:

1. Inventory & Pricing

The first thing shoppers want to do is find out what kind of inventory a dealer has. The best auto dealers will have an extensive inventory, and even if they don’t currently have the make/model you want, they should still be able to order it and get it to you. For example, if you’re after a specific model and you go to a dealer, then they may not have that model in stock. However, they should be able to still order it for you.

Besides inventory, check out the prices of the cars. You don’t want to overpay for a vehicle. Comparing a few dealers’ prices will help you get the best deal.

2. Read Reviews

Take the time to read reviews. What are people saying about the auto dealers you’re researching? Are they saying mostly good things or mostly bad things? Are there specific things being said about a dealer over and over again? If so, then the chances are what’s being said is true. Don’t base your decision on buying from a specific dealer only on what reviews are saying. However, it’s still wise to see what real customers are saying about a dealer.

3. Perks

Ideally, you want to choose an auto dealer that offers perks. These perks can come in the form of a free dealership warranty, a couple of free car washes, a free oil change and so forth. Trust us when we say that free perks can save you a lot of money in both the short and long run.

4. Financing Options

The best auto dealers offer several financing options. This may include having their own in-house financing plans or via one of their banking or credit union partners. Whatever options they provide, the payment plans should be affordable. Ask about the financing options available before you decide to purchase a used or new car from a specific dealership.

5. Location And Hours

Finally, location and hours is important. The best auto dealers will have convenient hours and they shouldn’t be too difficult to get to. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong with the car, only to have a very hard time getting it to a nissan dealership md so it can be worked on.

As for what the ideal hours a dealer should be open, this depends. In general, they should be open seven days per week, from morning to early evening. The exception is Sundays. It is perfectly acceptable for a dealer to be closed on a Sunday or close early on a Sunday.

Finding and choosing a dealer doesn’t have to be difficult. All one has to do is check out a dealer’s inventory, read a few reviews and find out if any perks are thrown in with the purchase of a vehicle. Location, hours and financing options are other things to consider when choosing a dealership.